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Statistics for the host saturn.websmon.com (SCO UnixWare 7.1.1)

Server memory utilization

The statistics were last updated Wednesday, 28 January 2004 at 19:46,
at which time server saturn.websmon.com had been up for 20 days, 3 hours 46 minutes.

Daily Graph (5 Minute Average)
[ memory (saturn): daily graph ]
Weekly Graph (30 Minute Average)
[ memory (saturn): weekly graph ]
Max used: 1.75G total: 2.00G Max used: 1.80G total: 2.00G
Average used: 1.26G total: 2.00G Average used: 1.40G total: 2.00G
Current used: 1.26G total: 2.00G Current used: 1.44G total: 2.00G

Monthly Graph (2 Hour Average)
[ memory (saturn): monthly graph ]
Yearly Graph (1 Day Average)
[ memory (saturn): yearly graph ]
Max used: 1.80G total: 2.00G Max used: 1.86G total: 2.63G
Average used: 1.63G total: 2.00G Average used: 1.30G total: 2.00G
Current used: 1.73G total: 2.00G Current used: 1.75G total: 2.00G

  Administrator: John Q Sys-Admin

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