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UNIX system statistics for the host sun.websmon.com (Sun Solaris 9)

The statistics were last updated Wednesday, 28 January 2004 at 19:47,
at which time server sun.websmon.com had been up for 19 days, 9 hours 41 minutes.

Server load average load 0.2
Number of logged users users 4
Number of running processes procs 141
CPU: %usr %sys %wio CPU 2.0% [ cpusys stats bar ]
Memory utilization memory 8.00G used 17.4% [ memory stats bar ]
Disk swap space utilization swap 8.00G used 0.0% [ swap stats bar ]
Filesystems utilization:
Inodes Space on / size 7.88G used 2.54G [ fs_ stats bar ]
Inodes Space on /var size 7.88G used 181M [ fs_var stats bar ]
Inodes Space on /tmp size 43.7G used 1.04G [ fs_tmp stats bar ]
Inodes Space on /home size 55.2G used 19.8G [ fs_home stats bar ]
Inodes Space on /home2 size 347G used 76.9G [ fs_home2 stats bar ]
Summary of network activity:
Traffic Errors
System I/O activity
Paging statistics
Swapping statistics
System switching activity
Semaphore activity
Message queues activity
Server uptime
Current UNIX system information:
Host status report
List of logged users
List of running processes
PROGRESS databases:
[ UP ] Bank 101 users2 DB5.22G free  2.6% BI34.0M

  Administrator: John Q Sys-Admin

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